Is This Some Kind of Joke?

Why do ducks have flat feet?
From stamping out forest fires.
Why do Elephants have flat feet?
From stamping out burning ducks.

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How Would You Know If You Were Not Observant?

What might I be missing?

I've caught myself recently noting people around me who are inobservant, while also realizing that they seem to not observe their inobservance (whew). What if I'm inobservant, too? How would I know? Is there some kind of test? I'm not talking about some kind of attention disorder, just the failure to register what you are seeing or being able to use past experience as a tool for current behavior. Let's ask wikipedia (they're always right). Looks like they go straight to the Scientific Method, so maybe there's some hope.

Can we even know what we're seeing?

I've never been terribly clear on this objective/subjective question, so I'm just going to skip it. I'll just leave it like this. Since I can't observe my own lack of observational skills, there are bound to be some nasty holes in my version of reality, and I don't know what they are. You can probably see them, if you were to spend time with me. Please don't tell me.

Next up, tolerance, and how to stop it.

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"Hello", he lied.

"If I'm not here when you get back, it will mean I've gone somewhere." I was sitting by the fire, gazing idly at the sky to the west. The day was ending, but that was because it was almost over. "Do tell," she said. As she walked away towards the clearing I got the impression that she wasn't at all interested in the sky or the day, much less what I might be able to tell. The last of the dinner lay sullenly in my stomach, which meant I had over-eaten, again. Time for a drink.