Dreamweaver FTP Problems
I've had problems with the Dreamweaver ftp feature ever since I started using the program 5 or 6 years ago. The latest problem I had with the CS4 version was particularly annoying since it would work sometimes and not other times. It was one of those problems I tried multiple solutions for before I found my answer. I use Avast anti-virus and something about it was causing the Dreamweaver ftp client to fail, sometimes. I had no such problem with Filezilla. Now, when I work with Dreamweaver, I turn off Avast resident protection.
Preventing Duplicate Records in Access
I have a situation where I need to prevent duplicate record entry based on two fields. I found this solution here:

In table design, open the indexes Window, and add a new index. To
indicate that it is a single index with multiple fields, enter the fields on
consecutive rows, and leave the index name blank on all but the first row.
With the first row selected, set the Unique property to Yes.

Fling Auto Upload FTP
I've found a new ftp client that has a great feature; it uploads changes to specified directories as they occur. This makes it super easy to keep online backups up to date, and gives you a little visual confirmation as well. You can download this tiny utility here.

What Happens When Someone Helps You With Your Network
Recently, while I was on vacation, one of my users had problems logging in to the network and he called an IT guy he knew from where he worked previously. Since the guy was across the street, he came over and started doing some troubleshooting. During the course of his visit he connected one of our access points to our backup ISP. Later he found that the user's computer simply needed to be restarted. However, as a result of his work, the access point acquired a local address from the backup ISP and started handing out addresses in that range to clients who logged into the wireless access point. Needless to say, they were disappointed that they were unable to access the internet or the local network they were used to. A reboot of the access point cleared up the problem.