My Two Latest Project Ideas
Here are my latest two project ideas:

A local produce-distribution hub, inspired by eFarm.  This would be a local-to-Ventura resource that would tie producers, distributors, and consumers together to deliver the freshest and healthiest fresh produce. This service could include everyone who is currently involved in our two Farmer's Markets, both sellers and buyers. It could also easily include local produce stands and vendors such as those on the Avenue.

The second is a local-to-Ventura delivery service based on a shared network of individual's vehicles whose routes are plotted each day and slightly re-routed to pickup and deliver goods at super low cost. Individuals would share their vehicle space with packages that could be passed off at participating locations (hubs) close to where most people drive anyway. In this way local delivery could be accomplished at very low cost. If it was expanded into Los Angeles it could even be popular. This service could be combined with the local produce distribution idea.