Validating Fields In Dreamweaver
Now that I'm learning PHP, I can't lean on the built-in functions that Coldfusion has. For instance, I was having trouble with the Validate Form behavior. Here's the correct way to do it:

I have added the action behaviour validate form and event onBlur to the email text field and name field for an order form and selected for the name "required" and "anything". and for the email field required and email address. Other fields such as name and message I have not validated. Saved and uploaded however I can still send the form with just 'test' in the message field with no prompts for the required fields to be filled in. What am I missing. Do I need to add an event to the send button?  I have a separate q about adding many forms to a shopping cart. Any advice would be much appreciated.Thanks Michael

ANSWER: Apply to form's submit button the same form validation and the event is onClick. Thats all!