This blog was originally built from a community portal application called cfxtreme which was in turn built using coldfusion. I can barely use coldfusion at all, and I'll never be accused of being a developer, but I truly enjoy tinkering with web pages, whether static or dynamic, and I always have. One of these days someone's going to come along and expose my lack of expertise to somebody else (won't that be awful) and I'll no longer get to pretend I know what the hell I'm doing. By the way, whompyjawed is an old southern expression my father used to use. It means, basically, asymmetric. It is usually used in the context of something being out of alignment or crooked. My face, for instance, is slightly whompyjawed.

I've cobbled together a few websites using coldfusion and my favorite is simply my own notebook where I keep my contacts and dates to remember and so forth. It comes in handy on a regular basis and I have complete control over it. What that means, naturally, is that it's probably insecure to the point of being public and misses best practices by a wide margin. Nonetheless, it gives me pleasure to screw around with it, especially when it works the way I want it to.