Steel Pulse!

Each year we attend a Steel Pulse show at the Ventura Theatre, and this year the show was particularly fun. There were plenty of friends and family with us and the band was superb. The sound was very good and the urge to dance was irresistable. I particularly loved the medley that started the show. Besides showing off a formidable catalog it also served to showcase the arranging chops of the most "interesting" reggae band on the planet. Reggae has long been known for its staid, if not boring, approach to arrangement, where the beat never changes and the individual parts seldom do. Steel Pulse, on the other hand, are past masters of the intentional lurch; at times the music virually stops, as if in error, only to launch fabulously into some new energy and tempo. Delicious! The show was attended primarily by youngsters who seemed to love the band as much as those of us who have been around since their inception. Looking forward to next year!