You Better Have Some Hobbies
Some days you wake up wanting to get straight to the computer to begin coding. And on some of these days you have one of those days when nothing you do works out right. The simplest tasks turn into major research efforts and you tend to make stupid mistakes. I've lived long enough and am unintelligent enough to have had way too many of these kinds of days. There are basically two ways to approach this problem. The first is to try to work your way through all the difficulties until you succeed at whatever you were attempting to do. The second is to walk away and enjoy one of the fascinating hobbies you have taken up. You do have hobbies, don't you? You're going to want more than one, because sometimes even your favorite hobby will throw monkey-wrenches and road-blocks at you, and you'd better have a plan B. 

Come back and beat your head against the wall later, because if you just keep beating, you're going to end up with a bloody head.