How to reference MS Access database in CF8 64bit
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I think I found the way of adding MS Aceess (2007) to CF8 (64bit) on OS Vista Premium (64bit).

I did have problem doing this for some time and I have visited many forums looking for an answer. However today I think I found the answer how to connect the MSAccess db. If you remember it was very easy to do this with the 32 bit where we had an option for "Microsoft Access for Unicode. In the CF8 64bit you do not have this option but only "Microsoft Access". I think the problem was because CF8 was point to the Windowssystem32 directory instead of SysWOW64. Both system32 and SysWOW64 hold same application - ODBC Data Source Administrator (odbcad32.exe). If you open the one under SysWOW64 an click on Drivers tab you will see that all drivers are there. But if you open the one under system32 (same filename) you will notice that there is only one driver listed, well at least that's what I saw in my PC. NOTE: you will need to have an admin rights in order to open these files.

Then I decided to overwrite the file from SysWOW64 to system32 ( note: you will need to assign full control in order to overwrite this file, to do so right click on the file, choose properties and then security tab, make sure that you have all ticks under the permission for SYSTEM box). After you done this there is more work for you to do.

Double click on the application or you can open via the Control Panel  > Administrative Tools > Data Sources (ODBC).

Now you will open the same application but this time you will have all drivers listed in it.

Click on System DSN tab and then Add button. Choose the drivers ( in this case Microsoft Access Driver (*.mdb) and click finish.

In the data source name enter the name of the database

Click select and navigate to the folder where you have Access file is saved in. When you select the folder, in the left panel you will see the database file(s). Select and click OK. Click OK again. The database will appear under the System Data Sources window. Click Apply and then OK. The application will close.

Open CF8 Admin page and navigate to the Data Sources.
Give a name to your database in the Data Source Name filed and choose Microsoft Access as your driver.

Click Add button.

Database File  navigate to your MS Access Database file.

System Database File - C:windowssystem32system.mdw ( enter as it is)

Use Default User name  tick this box

Click Submit.

You will get an error at the top:
Unable to update the NT registry. Variable DRIVERPATH is undefined.

Do not worry. Click Cancel this will take you back to the Data Sources window. Click Verify All Connections button and you will see OK against your MS Access database.

If you use Dreamweaver you will see it under the databases. Ola! now you have MS Access connected via the MS Access drivers.

I have attached document with screenshot for you to follow. If it is working then I will be happy to know that I somehow contributed to help those who had the same problem as I had ( not anymore ).

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