The Impending Doom
I've got a real reputation for predicting imminent demise for us all, and for the past forty years I've been wrong. I now chalk that up to the free-for-all spending of all our cheap energy, which has enabled "growth", which has kept everyone busy, employed, and consuming. I'm absolutely sure that all of this is about to come to an end.

Linda and I will be traveling to Jamaica in November, and one of the things I hope to accomplish is to get a better idea of what life will be like when our economy tanks. Already a quarter of Jamaicans are unemployed, most recently with the decline in textile and clothing work. The tourism industry is being hit hard, just as it has been world-wide. There is no petroleum on the island, but they do manage to provide the world with 10.4% and 7.4% respectively of its bauxite and alumina. 

It's weird to think of having to do without things that you've had your whole life, like properly paved roads, guaranteed clean water, and all manner of consumer goods that are soon to be too expensive to ship long distances. I expect to begin losing electricity a lot, which will certainly serve to get us out of the house more.