Christmas 2010 Frosty
This year for christmas presents, among other things, Linda and I put together a collection of our own fractured carols. I'm familiar only with using an Ensoniq SQ-2 for a workstation, so that's what we used. I had to replace the backup battery first thing, which was a bit of a challenge, since the unit doesn't have a battery holder, but instead has a battery soldered in. Thank good I can solder. My poor SQ-2 performed admirably up to the first nine songs, and then it became unstable and will now require repair. Luckily, there is still one man left who can do the work

Here's the first song on the finished CD, frosty. After the SQ-2 died, I purchased a Casio WK-500 at Target and used it to finish this track and one other. On this track I simply used the stock accompaniment with only a tiny bit of playing along to lay down the basic track. My soprano is a Cannonball that Linda bought for me several years ago. She put the percussion on this one (egg, jingle bells).