Camping Along Sespe Creek
Yesterday, Linda and I returned from an overnight camp along Sespe Creek out of Rose Valley. We had originally planned to visit Piedre Blanca but took a wrong turn and ended up hiking the trail towards Willett's Camp.

We're not sure how far we hiked, but it seemed like three to six miles, one way. We actually hiked at least a mile beyond where we ended up camping, coming upon a series of switchbacks that seemed to have no end (and we were getting pretty tired). So, we hiked back to a spot we had seen from the trail and made camp on a sandy spot next to the creek.

We found some old folding chairs nearby, left by hardier folks than us, and put them to good use next to an excellent firepit.

There was a terrific pool right next to the camp.

The creek was very clear and likely as high as it will be all year.

We had a great time, and for our first backpacking trip of the season, didn't get too sore or sustain too many injuries. We forgot the butter, but didn't really need it. All in all, a recommended trail, especially in May with flowers in bloom and the creek clear and inviting.