Looking Ahead
I can see two things happening in the future, inevitably. Or not. This would depend on there being a future, so I guess inevitable is overstating it. At any rate, I believe that voice command will become the default human interface with computers and devices that contain computers just as soon as it becomes technologically feasible, and probably a bit before then. I also believe that wearable computers are just around the corner. Some are already here, of course, but just you wait. There is one more thing about voice interfaces. Members of the young generation today who have come to depend on text messaging, you know the ones, they have learned to walk and drive while staring intently at their portable device, will not wish to make the change to this new interface. They have become reliant on the close relations giving by instant messaging, which also gives them safe distancing, since never a word need be uttered, nor a thought thunk, methinks.