Building Your Own Job
Linda's been talking about wanting to help people when we can afford to do so, and I've been thinking about how to build a business or a job that can sustain us through our older but better years. I've been thinking about ways that people can get together to share their abilities to do good things and help themselves at the same time. I come up with a hare-brained scheme every week or two, but I don't ever follow through on anything, in part because I don't have time. Now, I'm the sort of person who can get an awful lot done in one hour, and I'll bet most of you are too. What if we had some framework by which we could each put our hour in and have something to show for it at the end? I know I'm much better at fleshing out certain parts of other people's ideas than I am of my own ideas, for whatever reason, and it makes sense to me that I could put in an hour a week contributing my energy to a good idea.

I've been looking at how successful businesses organize their projects, and I think that the same techniques could be used in a more casual environment. Projects could be organized in a way that each can give according to their expertise (and I could reap the rewards - yea!). (And Joella could manage everything!) Anyway, here's an interesting article on how someone started a temp agency for the disabled. As you will see, this site has lot's of interesting articles about how people turned their hare-brained schemes into commerce. Yes, I know, capitalism is a BAD thing, so let's figure out a way around it, eh?