What Was Hard Is Now Easy
I only started using Coldfusion about six years ago and I didn't have any relevant experience with web development before that time. Along the way I made some lousy programming decisions, based on my lack of knowledge of simple techniques. Well, as time goes by, you learn new things (or die). This week I'm going back over some poorly made decisions and upgrading them to reliable code. I thought that this exercise would be cumbersome and time consuming but neither of these turned out to be true. I've learned enough that making these changes, now, is almost trivial. As good as that makes me feel, I realize I should have done this task long ago. I'll take some of the time I thought I would need and I'll use it to review more old code. And, while I'm at it, I'll schedule regular code review into my routine. Dreary as it sounds, the advantages outweigh the inconvenience.