Organize or Die
I'm not getting any younger, and my brain feels like it wants to go on permanent vacation, which is fine with me, really, if it will just take me with it. Part of the fun of having a vacationing brain is that it doesn't care at all about remembering things that you may find important. Trying to remember how to set up your Outlook to work with that stupid webmail account from work? Forget about it. Just give up. Unless, of course, you had the foresight to wright down the procedure the first time you had to do it, realizing as you did, genius, that you'd have to do it again someday.

That, of course, brings us to why I use to keep track of all the things I tend to forget, not the least of which are my passwords. I'm lucky when my brain can remember that I've saved such information on a convenient web site, because then I get to log on to whatever site I wanted to log on to, without having to admit to the site in question that I had forgotten my password, and would they please email me a new one. Embarrassing.