Second Day in Como
We found a suit jacket and tie, though it turns out this was not necessary, since the printed restrictions on dress code were not enforced. The Ballet was incredible, as we hoped it would be. It was very modern, but was danced mostly to Baroque pieces, with the exception of the last one, which must have been a modern piece meant to show the difference between Baroque and nightmare (or simply modern discordant 20th century music), which gave a very fine point to the whole of the ballet. We were worried by the potential of a strike by the train workers that was scheduled to start midway through the ballet, but luckily was postponed due to the "exposition", which we assumed to mean the furniture show we will attend on Saturday. It would have been tricky/expensive to get back to Como after the ballet without the trains running. As it is, we caught a train and had a late drink at a neat bar down the street from the hotel before retiring around 2:00 AM.