Distributed Everything
Here's some advice from Ven Portman on hosting your own internet stuff and getting away from the walled gardens. I've been thinking along these lines, too, for quite some time:

Distributed everything

So I?ve illustrated the problem. Now I want to talk about a few of the solutions I?ve discovered in the past few years of pulling my own shots.

  1. CJDNS + Hyperboria. There are around 100 people living and working on another Internet called Hyperboria. It?s based on a mesh networking router called CJDNS. If you get someone to peer you in, you?ll discover another Internet that?s a whole lot freer than this one. Visit Project Meshnet
  2. IRC. Everyone who wants to make sure their messages land use IRC as a backchannel now.
  3. Duckduckgo. The search engine that gets you out of your filter bubble, and respects your privacy.
  4. Pump.io. The creator of Identi.ca has a new federated social network called Pump. Visit him at e14n.com
  5. Host your own web server. Get your own VPS (Digital Ocean is only $5 a month) and host your own web server. Deploy using Node.js using Bitters.

When in doubt, start by learning some Internet basics. HTML5 and CSS3 are a good start for anyone who?s never learned how to code. Then move on to JavaScript and the other favorite languages of the Internet.

We?re not going to get through this by pushing buttons on centralized services.

If you want to use the Internet in 2013, you need to pick up some tech skills. In a few years this will probably be all figured out and no one will be intercepting your iMessages.

Until then, let?s send everyone a strong message by deleting our accounts on centralized services and learning how to use the distributed Internet.

Visit my distributed website at http://evbogue.com/