Typical Daily Tamoto Harvest
Here's a picture of a daily harvest of tomatoes from our home system. We're also getting a lot of lettuce, onions, kale, chard, and peppers, although the peppers aren't ready to harvest yet.

We Have Fish
Yesterday we spent the day in the Van. We drove to Burbank pick up our first boxes of fish and then drove them all to Goleta. We saved one box to add to the tank at home and put the rest in the two tanks at Sustained Harvest Farms. Here's what the bags of fish look like while the temperature of the water in the bags matches the temperature of the water in the big tank.

We Have Nutrients
Seeing algae in your aquaponics system is a double-edged sword. All that green tells you your system is cycled (or cycling) and that you have nutrients galore. On the other hand, all that algae has a life cycle of about 24 hours and the deceased algae create a lot of ammonia, which is not good for your fish. We have no fish in the system, yet, so I scraped out the worst of it and we will hope for the best.

Printing Address Labels with Coldfusion
This is a hack, for sure, but this does output a pdf that will print on Avery 5260 address labels:

<cfdocument format="PDF" scale="80" marginleft="1" margintop=".25" marginbottom=".25" marginright=".05">
<!--- Specify the number of columns to return --->
<CFSET NumCols = 3>

<!--- Use a table--->


<CFOUTPUT query="Seeds">

<CFIF (CurrentRow MOD NumCols) IS 1>

<td height="115" <div style="width: 1000px" >#plant_name#<br />
#dateFormat(now (),"mm/dd/yyyy")#</div></td>



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