My Daily Commute
I love riding my bicycle to work, and I really enjoy the route I take. This morning it was unusually cold on the way in to work, but you always warm up after a half mile or so, no matter how cold it is. I get to ride down Ventura Avenue, which is always a hoot because of the wide variety of people you see, even first think in the morning, and because you get to make drivers nervous (not really). The first good hill climbs up to Poli, and then again after the courthouse, finally topping out next to cemetery park. Then comes a long fast downhill to Jeff and Terry's house which is followed by a long flat stretch that passes Ventura High School, goes partway up Foothill, down Dalton to the hospital, crosses Telegraph and then heads into the Mall parking lot. Once I get across Mills Road I have arrived at the office.

Here's a picture of the steepest hill closest to home: