Time To Move On
Last year we befriended a number of younger people while working on a political campaign. One of them, Mike, is a very gifted programmer as well as a community activist. He came up with a plan to build out a community free and low-cost wifi service. I pitched in to help and Linda arranged the use of a building and its internet service. Jeff helped out greatly with the installation and everything was looking good. Unfortunately, the installation for the company that uses the building had some issues even before we did our work, and they lost connectivity two days in a row. It wasn't really our problem but Mike came in each time and got things going again. During this process I must have done something stupid or whatever because Mike no longer returns my calls.

All of this is merely background for something that happens to me all the time anyway. Any new friends I cultivate will eventually decide the work isn't worth the gain and the relationship comes to an abrupt end. My point here is that this isn't necessarily a bad thing. When you recognize that time spent with someone might be more productively used elsewhere, the sooner you move on the better. I don't really care what caused Mike's decision. It doesn't matter. Life is short.