Mexican Poker
We spent the weekend in San Diego with Tom and Pam and played a game called Mexican Poker. At one point we had the rules (found online) printed out, but nobody remembered to bring a copy. We couldn't find the right one's on the internet, but we did find these, which aren't right at all:

Minimum of 4 people start with 4 decks of cards. For every 2 people more add another deck.

Start the first hand by dealing the number of cards indicated. Put the remainder of the cards in a stack and flip the top card for the discard pile.

Everyone must try to achieve the first set listed. To achieve this the person who's turn it is may take the top card from either the discard pile or the stack before they do anything. NOTE: if this is not the first thing they do they can be penalized. If that person can not make the needed hand they must discard one card. When someone has the hand needed they must place only those cards face up. Mark that this person has finished the hand on a separate sheet of paper. If that person has any 3 (or more) of a kinds, or straights, they may also place these down face up. When they can place nothing more down they must discard a card. Play continues. After the next person finishes their hand they may play off of any of the other 3 of a kinds or flushes, someone who has not gotten the cards they need to finish their hand may NOT play off of the cards on the table. The hand is finished when the someone has played all their cards, they must remember to discard their last card.

At this point everyone must count the remaining cards in their hand, see scoring below.

The next hand begins with dealing the next level number of cards. I.e. everyone is dealt twelve cards on the second hand. However there may be someone who did not complete their last hand, they may not move on and must complete it, if they do on this hand they may move up only one step on the next deal. This continues on until someone completes hand #10.

1st hand, 11 cards, 2 X (3 of a kind)

2nd hand, 12 cards, 1 (5 card straight) 1 (3 of a kind)

3rd hand, 13 cards, 3 (3 of a kind)

4th hand, 14 cards, 1 (5 card straight flush) 2 (3 of a kind)

5th hand, 15 cards, 4 (3 of a kind)

6th hand, 16 cards, 1 (7 card straight flush) 2 (3 of a kind)

7th hand, 17 cards, 2 (5 card straight flush)

8th hand, 18 cards, 5 (3 of a kind)

9th hand, 19 cards, 3(5 card straight flush)

10th hand, 20 cards, 1 (10 card straight flush) 2 (3 of a kind)

We played with just two decks and never required a straight flush.

Let's hear what you think the rules should be.