I'm very paranoid about losing data, and where I work I'm in charge of backing up everyone's data, including files on the server. I use Retrospect, and like it just fine, but I have never really trusted tape backups. However, I will continue to use tape as long as I can because it adds one more layer to my scheme and tapes are quite portable. But then, so are today's external USB drives. I have one USB drive attached to the server, and it receives a full backup every night. This drive is really handy for restoring accidentally deleted files or anything else from yesterday. It's much faster than the tapes. I do make a full backup to tape each night, as well. I also rotate the tapes like this: one tape for each day of the week except Friday, when I use one of my five weekly tapes. I take the most recent weekly tape off site. I also have a second USB drive that I restore a full backup to every couple of weeks. This USB drive also goes off site. If I could, I'd have USB drives for each day of the week. As my company grows I'm going to have to set up a machine or two just for backups.