Verity Search
Here's the procedure my coldfusion host, CrystalTech, said to use to create a verity search collection (a site search tool using coldfusion). Create a file to open that has this code: <cfcollection action="create" collection="WildcatCollection" path="d:inetpubcoldfusionhostwildcatdataservicesverity"> <cfindex collection="WildcatCollection" action="update" key="d:inetpubcoldfusionhostwildcatdataservices"> Use just the second half to do updates. This code returned results, but the links were broken ( CrystalTech support, though responsive, was ineffective. CrystalTech forums were seemingly in an alien language. I had to resort to deep digging in the documentation and trial and error, two of my favorite methods for problem solving (not). The proper code after the collection is created: <cfindex collection="WildcatCollection" action="refresh" type="path" key="d:inetpubcoldfusionhostwildcatdataservices" urlpath="" extensions = ".htm, .html" recurse="no">